A Brief Overview of the CopiaFacts OmniRush Software

This initial release consists of program called CFGMServer.exe, a configuration file called FFGMCFG.INI, and an HTML shell file for notes named GMShell.htm. The program monitors the Goldmine calendar table for activities of type other that have been assigned to special users, referred to as tracks in OmniRush nomenclature. The tracks are represented by Goldmine user accounts that have been added and designated for fax and email activities. Each track may be configured separately to define how it carries out these activities. If you are currently using OmniRush you have already created and configured these tracks. There must be at least one track for fax and one track for email. You may use existing OmniRush tracks if you wish.

In addition to the tracks, a primary account with master rights must also be created. This account will be used by the program to login to Goldmine to carry out the fax and email tasks that have been assigned to the various tracks. The program uses the Goldmine COM API to login and process the fax and email activities. Although Frontrange claims that no additional user license is required by applications using the COM API, this claim is based upon the assumption that the application will be acting in conjunction with the currently logged in Goldmine user to offer additional functionality to the Goldmine user interface. In practicality, the program that monitors the calendar table for fax and email assignments needs to control the user interface and should not be run concurrently with another user logged into Goldmine.

The monitor/scanner program may be launched with the name of the primary Goldmine account and password as the first and second parameters on the command line respectively. Do not use an account name that is the same as a user account. Nor should you use one of the fax or email tracks as the primary account. Do not assign activities to the primary account. If you run the monitor/scanner program without an account name and password, it will use the account and password that were specified during setup and stored in the configuration file. Passwords in the configuration file are encrypted.

During setup, you will be given the opportunity to assign the administrator name and password for access to configuration options and control of the monitor program. You will also be asked to enter the account name and password of the Goldmine account you created for the monitor program. You will also be asked to assign and/or create a default fax and email tracks and to specify the location of your default import folder (outfax), the Goldmine template folder, and the OmniRush import folder, as well as a working folder for use by the monitor.

You will also be asked to identify or create a default CopiaFacts user profile to use for fax and email operation and to optionally generate CopiaFacts user profiles for selected Goldmine users. CopiaFacts user profiles contain information used by the CopiaFacts client software to send individual faxes and emails. Information such as fax headers, cover sheets, sender information, and other sender options are stored in these profiles. Additionally, the fax and email messages sent using these profiles are linked to them for use in the status and viewer client software. The generated CopiaFacts user profiles are used to provide cover sheet, fax header, fax/email priority queues, and possibly sender name. The CopiaFacts user profile may also be used to provide user fax and email information when this information is not provided in the Goldmine user INI file. When a fax or email is sent by or on behalf of one of the Goldmine users, the information from the corresponding CopiaFacts user profile is used to supply additional information.

We designed our system to be open and extensible, which is why we based our API on the Windows file system and used plain text files for configuration information and as control files for sending fax and email. You can send a fax or email using CopiaFacts simply by placing a text file with a file extension of .FS (fax send) containing the appropriate text commands in a folder. Our utility programs and client software use the same methods to send faxes and emails and the CopiaFacts OmniRush monitor/scanner also generates these FS files when it accepts fax and email tasks from the Goldmine calendar. This allows you to use existing CopiaFacts utilities to check the status of your outgoing fax and email messages and to directly resubmit them if you so choose. As you become more familiar with the system you will discover additional features that you may wish to incorporate into your fax and email processing. The system has a number of pre-processing and post-processing options and you may add your own custom processes to the fax and email operations. For example, you may wish to incorporate additional information from your accounting system and/or update your accounting database when you send out invoices. We encourage you to explore the features of the system and to contact us if you have questions, problems, or suggestions.