The look-up checks for phone number, e-mail address or e-mail domain name for all outbound operations, and if found in the specified database file the outbound operation will fail.

Default Do-Not-Send look-up database files

There are no default database files.  The default look-up is a global NDX look-up.

Specifying look-up databases

You can specify a database look-up in any database accessible through Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).  You must have MDAC installed to do this.

This usage is enabled by setting the applicable control variables DNS_PATH, DNS_MAIL_PATH and DNS_DOMN_PATH   in FAXFACTS.CFG to a database specifier value, formatted as described below, which does not end in ".NDX".

The components of the database specifier are separated by the vertical bar symbol (|) and are as follows:

Database NameThe full pathname of a supported database, or a DSN source
Table Name        The name of the table to use (default table name: DNS)
Key Field NameThe name of the key field to use (default key field RECIPIENT)
Timeout ValueTimeout for look-up (defaults to ADO default value)



Do-Not-Send database maintenance

The database can be maintained using any database application which supports the specified file format.  You can also build an IVR application to maintain the database using the CopiaFacts built-in extended database features.

Do-Not-Send look-up exclusions

The control variables DNS_PATH, DNS_MAIL_PATH and DNS_DOMN_PATH may be assigned a value of NONE in an FS file to exclude the transmission from do-not-send look-up.  This may be useful when sending a fax or email to the target to confirm that the exclusion has been recorded.  Values of other than NONE in these FS-file variables are ignored.

Failure Outcome codes

Phone and E-mail look-up failures:      75
Domain look-up failures:                84
Look-up database/table/field not found: 84