The Gateway uses registry entries under one of the following keys:

32-bit OS:        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Copia\CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway

64-bit OS:        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\Copia\CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway

AcceptLongLinestrue to accept long message lines without line breaks. The default is false to prevent DOS attacks.
ADCCoverSheetPropertyActive Directory property naming cover sheet (reserved)
ADSUserGroupActive Directory validation group (reserved)
AlwaysSaveInfoFiletrue to never discard message information file (default false)
AttachFolderfolder where attachments and email body written
AuthenticationRequired1 – authentication required
0 – authentication not required
DatabaseConnectionUDL file for database or SQL validation (reserved)
DatabasePassworddatabase password for login (reserved)
DatabaseProceduredatabase procedure for validation (reserved)
DatabaseTabledatabase table for validation (reserved)
DatabaseUserdatabase user for login (reserved)
DebugLogFilename of debugging log file
DefaultPortSMTP port (default 25)
DisableInfoFiletrue to prevent writing message information file (default false)
DriveAssignmentsstring of drive assignment entries separated by semi-colons. Each entry consists of a drive letter followed by the equal sign followed by a UNC name. This list is to help the gateway to convert drive letter path names to UNC names.
EnableDebugtrue to enable additional debug logging (default false)
EmailBodyOption1 – fax rich content of email message body
2 – fax plain text of email message body
3 – store plain text of email message in MEMO variables
4 – do not fax email message body
ErrorEmailQueuequeue for error notification emails
ErrorEmailRecipientemail address for receiving error notification emails
ErrorEmailSenderemail address for sending error notification emails
ErrorsFolderfolder for rejected email messages
ErrorEmailSubjectemail subjects for error notification emails
ErrorHandlerFlagsflags for type of errors processed
ErrorHandlerProcscript name for processing errors
ErrorHandlerProfileuser profile for error processing FS files
ErrorScriptQueuequeue for error processing script FS files
FaxDomainListstring of accepted fax domains separated by semi-colons
FaxServerFolderCopia application data folder
GlobalRecipientListFolderdefault folder for recipient lists
HighPriorityQueuequeue for highest/high/urgent/priority messages
KeepScriptstrue to keep scripts in HTML email body (default false)
ListenerThreadsnumber of message receive threads (default 16)
LocalTempFoldertemporary folder (reserved for future use)
LowPriorityQueuequeue for lowest/low priority messages
NormalPriorityQueuequeue for normal or no priority messages
NotifyOnFailtrue to send email notification on failed fax
NotifyOnSuccesstrue to send email notification for successful fax
RequestFolderfolder containing to send queues
RoutingSlipNamelegacy routing slip (not used)
SaveMessageFolderfolder for received and saved messages
SaveMessagestrue to save messages (default false)
ScanDelaydelay between message queue scans (default 20 seconds)
ScanFoldersstring of folders to scan for additional messages. List is separated by semi-colons
SenderDomainListstring of accepted sender domains separated by semi-colons
SenderIPListstring of acceptable sender IP address masks separated by semi-colons
SenderTemplateFolderfolder containing sender/recipient templates
ShutDownDelaydelay before service shutdown (default 2000 ms)
SMTPServerGreetingSMTP banner (default “Welcome to the CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway”)
UseNativeBodyAsCovertrue to use rich content email body as cover sheet (obsolete)
UserProfileuser profile to use
ValidationMethod0 – pass through
1 – use Active Directory (reserved)
2 – use database (reserved)
3 – use SQL (reserved)
ValidationType0 – no validation
1 – user name and password (reserved)
2 – sender email (reserved)
3 – sender templates