FXPRINT Fax Printer PostReceieve Process

FXPRINT prints incoming faxes. It scans for MBX files in the MAIL subdirectory, and then for MCF files in the subdirectory specified in the MBX. It processes files which have a "$print_option FFEXTERN q" entry, where q is the queue number defined in the FXPRINT setup. By suitable selection of the queue number you can print faxes on different printers and different machines. On any one machine, all the queue numbers defined in FFEXTERN must reference different physical printers.

Do not choose a printer which requires a pop-up dialog to select an output filename (for example a PDF printer).

If the folder containing the MCF and the fax file (which must be received with the multi-page TIFF option enabled) also contains a folder called PRINTED then these files are moved to that folder after printing. This overrides the changing of the first MCF filename character to 'P' if also specified in the queue options. Moving files after printing is not supported on Windows 95, 98 or ME, but we do not recommend using any of these operating systems to run FFEXTERN anyway.

This operation is implemented in CF8PRINT.DLL.  There is no longer an FXPRINT DLL.