The FS Counts page summarizes the number of fax send (FS) files in each of the queue directories, together with the number in the SENT and FAIL directories. Unchecking the box alongside each directory name excludes it from future directory scans.  The picture above also shows an example of a blue border selected by $colorframe.

The refreshing of the display is controlled by the setting of the 'Automatic Refresh' checkbox:

CheckedThe counting is restarted whenever you switch to the FS Counts page from another page, and also when focus is returned to the COPIAFACTS application and the FS Counts page is visible. In the latter case the counting only restarts if more than a minute has elapsed since the counting was last restarted. This avoids a problem with some remote control software which may send repeated Windows messages which cause the counting to continuously restart.
  Since counting will always restart on returning to the page, the 'Automatic Refresh' setting also cancels counting when you switch to another page, to conserve resources.
UncheckedThe counting is only restarted when you press the Refresh button. Counting will also start automatically when you visit the FS Counts page for the first time after starting COPIAFACTS.
  Counting continues when you switch to another page in COPIAFACTS or to another application. When you return to the FS Counts page any unfinished count will still be running. Use the Stop/Clear button if you wish to cancel the counts, or the Refresh button to refresh them.

An individual total may be recalculated by unchecking the box and then checking it again (or by double-clicking). Since the scanning is done by a low-priority process, it may take a while to count a directory containing thousands of files, and the counting may delay finding new FS files for the CopiaFacts engine to process. If you have a very large number of FS files in multiple queues it may be more efficient to use the individual checkboxes to count one queue at a time.

Note that the queue display shows the contents of the central queue folders, and therefore that not all the items counted may be scheduled for transmission on the node in use.

When the TOSEND queue priorities have been modified on the Queues Page, the FS Count numbers appear in a matching sequence, and on a light brown background to highlight this condition.

There is a built-in facility to purge older FS files from the SENT and FAIL folders, selected from the Purge button on this page. Files can either be deleted or moved to a ZIP archive:

The Purge button will open a window requesting confirmation of the files to be deleted: