The source file has three parts, which must be in the following sequence:

1.The output file name specification

2.Blocks of voice specification algorithms

3.The list of individual file names containing voice segments

The ";" character delimits comments. This character and any others following it on a line are ignored. Blank lines are also ignored.

The output file specification consists of a keyword output followed by the filename:

output faxfacts.amt ; specify output file

The list of individual filenames consists of a line containing the keyword filenames followed by up to 255 lines containing individual file names, one per line. If you wish to be able to test the algorithm, you should follow the filename on each line with whitespace and then the text of the spoken phrase in the file. If you do not number the voice files sequentially from 1 it is recommended that you also place a comment on each line showing the index number of the phrase (starting from 1). This will assist in coding and understanding the algorithm. The following is an example of the start of a filenames section:

filenames ; phrase index


00000001.VOX zero  ; 1

00000002.VOX one   ; 2

00000003.VOX two   ; 3

00000004.VOX three ; 4


For other examples, see the supplied algorithm source files. Note that the phrases coded in this section are displayed on the screen during CopiaFacts Recording Studio operations.