The following short-cut keys may be used to perform FFVIEWER functions:

OPop up the file-open dialog to browse and select a file for display
USelect an infobox file for display via the CopiaFacts user profile
ASelect a mail file for display via the mail selection dialog
FSend a fax or email using the send dialog.
PActivate the print menu
XProgram eXit
1Set 1/1 zoom ratio
2Set 1/2 zoom ratio
3Set 1/3 zoom ratio
4Set 1/4 zoom ratio
Numeric Pad +Increase the image size by changing the zoom ratio
Numeric Pad - Decrease the image size by changing the zoom ratio
VinVert black/white
TTurn upside-down
LRotate the image 90° Left (anti-clockwise)
RRotate the image 90° Right (clockwise)
MMove files to directory
CCopy files to directory
SSettings menu
WSave Wizard
IDisplay information about the currently displayed file
Ctl-PgUpDisplay the previous page of the document
Ctl-PgDnDisplay the next page of the document
Ctl-HomeDisplay the first page of the document
Ctl-EndDisplay the last page of the document
Alt-DownMove the currently selected page down in the thumbnail list
Alt-UpMove the currently selected page up in the thumbnail list
DeleteDelete the document
Ctl-ArrowWhen the annotation text has focus, moves the annotation
Shift-ArrowWhen the annotation text has focus, resizes the annotation

You can also use various movement keys to scroll the displayed image. See also working with a displayed image.

The Escape key can be used to clear the currently displayed image.

The Backspace key acts as 'undo' for the last applied annotation.  Click on the image first to make sure that the annotation does not have the focus.