FFMERGE Setup Utility


FFMRGNT is run once (usually from the installer) when FFMERGE is installed to set up basic parameters. Earlier versions of this program also specified parameters for a single FFMERGE task, and would therefore have to be run whenever the task details changed.

The details of each FFMERGE task are now held in .FST template file(s) in a TASKS folder in the FFMERGE folder initially specified by FFMRGNT.  Separate tasks are selected by using T=taskname on the FFMERGE action line, which selects taskname.FST instead of the DEFAULT.FST file.

If you upgrade from CopiaFacts version 7 FFMERGE, then on first running this program the original parameters are copied from the registry to populate DEFAULT.FST.  Otherwise the first use of this program generates a DEFAULT.FST file containing default settings if the file does not already exist.

Windows administrator privilege (elevation on Vista or later) is required to save settings from this utility in the HKLM registry where they can be accessed by the FFMERGE driver.

The fields on the FFMRGNT form are used as follows:

FFMERGE folder Specifies the pathname of a local folder (with a non-mapped drive letter) which will be used by the driver to write its output files.  These files are then processed by FFMRGMV and moved to their final destinations.
Fax Format Specifies the fax format.
Color HandlingSpecifies how color documents are converted to monochrome faxable TIF files.

The fax format and color handling parameters can also be set from the Windows printer properties dialog.

When you close FFMRGNT it will offer to start or restart FFMRGMV.  But FFMRGMV will normally be started with Windows and left running while FFMERGE may be in use.