Although FFMERGE is simple to use, we strongly suggest that you test out your fax-merge with a small list before setting it loose on your thousand-item broadcast.

If you have any problems with FFMERGE not recognizing the action line, check the following items:

The action line must be the first non-white item on the first page of your document. Do not place it in a box or with a ruled line or graphic above it.

You must use 12-point FFMERGE font with 'normal' attribute. FFMERGE will not recognize other sizes, nor will it recognize text with bold, italic or underline attributes.

You must use black letters (take care that e-mail addresses are NOT converted to blue hyperlinks by Word)

The action line should come in the top inch of the page.

You should not repeat the same action line on subsequent pages of a multi-page document.  Subsequent pages with an action line will cause a new document to be started.

If you still have problems, check the FFMERGE trace file.  See FFMERGE Trace Files.

For Microsoft Office 97 applications (including Word 97) make sure that you have Microsoft Service Release 1 or later installed. Without this there is a bug in the Microsoft driver interface which often prevents FFMERGE from recognizing the action line, and may also result in bad formatting in other parts of the document.

When merging from a data source in Excel format, take great care not to include empty rows at the end of the table.  If these result in blank action lines, the pages will be treated as continuation pages for the last real entry in the list. Always check Excel data sources for this problem before starting a merge.  If you press Ctrl-Shift-End to get to the last cell in a table, you will immediately see if any blank rows exist at the end.  To fix, either condition your merge so that blank rows are not included, or download and install the Microsoft add-in from which will reset the 'last cell' to eliminate them.

Always use high-resolution (204 by 198 pixels per inch) for your FFMERGE documents.  If you need to transmit the resulting documents in standard resolution use the 'low-res' keyword on $image_res in the user profile.  Some applications still have problems with non-square pixels, and if you encounter distortion of the image, try setting 200 by 200 mode.  These resolution settings are made in the printer settings: in Start / Printers & Faxes right-click the Copia FFMERGE Driver and select Document Preferences / Advanced and then Graphic / Resolution.