Using FFMERGE can greatly simplify the sending of one-shot faxes from a Windows application. It is particularly useful when you have to send occasional faxes to individuals who are not already in your database or contact manager, and for whom you do not want to make an entry in a phone book. FFMERGE allows you to enter the recipient's fax number at the same time as you enter his or her name, at the start of your memo. Unlike other Windows fax drivers, FFMERGE will not present you later with another pop-up on which you have to enter the fax number at print time.

If you already use a word-processor template for one-shot faxes, perhaps with an embedded macro, it is simple to add one more field to allow you to place the fax number on the document in the special FFMERGE font.

As an example, you could format your personalized fax memo as follows:

As soon as you 'print' this document to the FFMERGE print driver, it will be converted to fax format and then scheduled for transmission to the specified number by the CopiaFacts outbound fax server. Note that since the FFMERGE action line is stripped by the driver, you need to repeat the fax number in the body of the document if you wish it to appear in the output.

You may also use the at= feature described earlier to attach a document or documents to the transmission. These documents should be entered with only the CopiaFacts infobox reference as FFMERGE will find them automatically from the directories specified as image locations in your CopiaFacts user profile.