FFMERGE for Fax-Enabled Applications

In many cases, an application requires to use the same technique as in a broadcast, to output a custom document onto a fax machine in each recipient's office. This amounts effectively to printing documents at a remote site. Typical applications include printing of Statements, Confirmations, etc.

Most of the examples and techniques described for customized mail-merge in the previous section also apply to using FFMERGE with your own applications.

Using a system such as Crystal Reports or other report writers, you can easily arrange for the fax number (maintained by your application for each recipient) to be printed at the top of each form in 12-point FFMERGE font. Set up your printing application to print to the FFMERGE driver, and that is all you need to do.

As your program output is 'printed', FFMERGE will generate a personalized fax for each recipient and an FS file for each one to cause CopiaFacts to transmit the fax.

FFMERGE has been used successfully with most popular application development systems, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Embarcadero RAD Studio, etc. All you need to do is place a label or text field near the top of your document, specify the font as 12-point FFMERGE font, and insert the fax number (or FN=filename) as the label caption or text data. Then print to the FFMERGE printer and the FFMERGE driver will create a fax file and the necessary control files.