FFMERGE Document Requirements

FFMERGE can be used with all Windows word-processing and contact management programs which allow user-specified mail-merge templates and use standard Windows printer drivers. You should follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the application you are using, or work with a 'wizard' or other helper that is provided by the developer of that application.

To operate with FFMERGE, there are two basic requirements:

You should include an action line in FFMERGE font at the top of your document template.

You should use your application's print setup menu to select the FFMERGE print driver for the merge operation.

Some Windows applications are confused by being asked to render documents with other than square pixels, for example with fax format 204 dpi horizontal and 196 dpi vertical.  This may prevent the FFMERGE font from being recognized.  The solution is to select the 200x200 resolution in the FFMERGE printer driver properties.