FFMERGE was designed to make fax broadcasts as easy to do as a mail-merge, using the mail-merge facilities of your existing software. There is no longer any need to maintain a separate "phone book" for fax numbers, or to have to define and import your existing contact list into your fax software.

The details of how you use FFMERGE will depend on how your word processor or contact manager handles mail-merge operations. In general, this will involve setting up a template document containing the text to be sent, in which are embedded fieldnames from the data file or database which you are using to supply information about the recipients.

With FFMERGE you are able to use the database field name containing the fax number directly in your document template, and FFMERGE will automatically use it to send the fax, with no further manual intervention on your part. The fax number is applied to the document in exactly the same way as all the other customization and personalization done by your mail-merge software.