FFMERGE can be used in the automatic production of fax-on-demand documents for your CopiaFacts system. Many CopiaFacts users regularly update their document base from a Windows application, and FFMERGE allows you to automate this process.

All that is needed is for the infobox file reference to be placed on the FFMERGE action line on the first page of your document. If you are using a report generator such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports, you will need to specify that the first line of your document header is in 12-point FFMERGE font and contains the infobox reference you will use for this document.

The reference must be preceded by fn= to indicate to FFMERGE that it is a filename, not a fax telephone number. No FS file will be produced by FFMERGE.

For example:

When this document is 'printed' to FFMERGE, the pages will be placed in the image directory with the infobox number 1234. The filename created will be 00001234.TIF. Note that an existing file with this name will be silently replaced.