FFMERGE is a Windows print driver which creates fax files. Its unique feature is that it uses a special Truetype font which survives the Windows rasterization process and can be used to specify phone numbers, e-mail addresses and variable data to the driver. This allows FFMERGE to send out a "fax-merge" just as simply as a "mail-merge", by including a "merge data field" containing a fax number in the document created by your word-processor or contact manager. This technique is normally much faster than using methods such as DDE, and involves no programming or special macros.

To set up FFMERGE initially, use the FFMRGNT program (which is normally run from the installer).

Details of the FFMERGE feature appear in the following sections:

FFMERGE Theory of Operation
FFMERGE Broadcasts
FFMERGE Document Requirements
FFMERGE Action Line Syntax
Starting FFMERGE
FFMERGE for Fax-Enabled Applications
FFMERGE for Single Faxes
FFMERGE and Fax-on-Demand
FFMERGE for E-Mail

Please be sure to read all of the FFMERGE Tips before using this feature.

If you are a user of CopiaFacts Job Administration, consider using its Word Merge feature instead of FFMERGE.  This allows a service-bureau customer to submit both a Word document and its associated data source (in a supported broadcast-list format) and have the Document Converter run the Word merge operation to fax or e-mail recipients.