A large number of files in the PREPROC folder can cause problems in a situation where a few conversions may be needed urgently. FFEXTERN has the capability to read a message queue containing messages supplying filenames of the FS files which are to receive priority processing. Such a message queue can be generated by a custom application which you use to place files in PREPROC or by specifying a queue name on the $preproc_qname configuration command. In the latter case, you can select the original TOSENDx folders for which a message is written to the queue when an FS file is moved to PREPROC. MSMQ must be installed, and on Windows 2000 or above. For more information on creating queue records please contact Copia support.

FFEXTERN is set up for queue operation when /Q=queuename is given on the command line. This queue only affects processing of PREPROC items. If a message is received specifying a priority item which has already been selected for processing by the same or another node, then the message is ignored. FFEXTERN only scans the PREPROC folder when there are no items in the queue, and if the /NS command-line parameter is not present.

FS files written when USE_ALT_PREPROC_QUEUE is defined have a lower case file extension .fs (and others are .FS).  When /NS is not used on an FFEXTERN instance which uses a queue, FS files are picked directly from the PREPROC folder scan only if the case of the file extension is appropriate for the named queue.

Do not use /NS on all FFEXTERN instances, because this will cause FS files in PREPROC not to be processed at all if an error occurs on writing the queue message.