Fax Broadcast Generator

FFBCMD listfile templatefile [preview|test]

The FFBCMD program is a command-line program which runs an FFBC broadcast without opening an FFBC dialog. In this mode it can be run from the command line, invoked in a run box from COPIAFACTS or easily run from a user-written application.

There are two required command-line parameters, first the list file name and then the template file name. If FFBC finds that the first file name has a list extension and the second has .LST extension, it will swap the parameters.

The optional third command-line parameter can either be preview or test. The first causes no FS files to be written and no incrementing of the NEXTFS number to take place. Instead the first non-excluded record in the file is displayed in the console window to allow you to verify what would be placed in the generated FS file, and to allow you to check that the target directory is correct. The test parameter, in addition, generates a single FS file from the same record. You can use this feature to send a test of the broadcast back to the originator, provided that you make sure that the appropriate record is the first non-excluded line in the list file.

Any other value for the third parameter causes only the log messages to be output, and no broadcast is generated.

For example, to preview the first FS file which would be generated:

FFBCMD c:\faxfacts\bclist20 c:\faxfacts\bc20.fst preview

To run the program 'for real' it will often be convenient to use a batch file, and possibly to record the processing in a log file also, for future reference:



if "%1"  == "" goto usage


cd /D "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents"

CVSINGLE -Q %1.pdf %1.TIF  :convert PDF to TIF (if needed)

FFBCMD %2 @FFBASE\default.FST >>ffbc_log.txt

goto done




The log file contains any warning or error messages generated by FFBC, together with a summary of the FS numbers used. If you do not redirect the output this information appears in the console window.

The destination phone or e-mail address for preview and test is taken from the test target specified in the template, not from the list item.

For more documentation, see the entry for FFBC.