Fax to Send File [FS]

Fax Send files control all CopiaFacts outbound fax and e-mail operations, for fax-on-demand callbacks, fax mail delivery, broadcasts, and fax server transmissions. Supplied programs create FS files for all these purposes, but you can also write your own programs to create FS files, for which purpose they provide a kind of API for the CopiaFacts server.

Although the '.FS' extension remains in use for all files, these files are used not only for sending faxes, but also for all other outbound operations, including e-mail and voice broadcasts.

To initiate an outbound operation, the FS file is placed in the TOSEND subdirectory, or one of the subsidiary TOSENDx directories specified on the $request_dir command in the configuration file. After successful transmission, or after the specified number of transmission attempts, COPIAFACTS then moves the files to either the SENT or FAIL subdirectory as appropriate. The FS file also has a secondary purpose of recording data about the request and transmission, much of which is not available in the log file.

FS commands may also be placed in a $type fsfile infobox to cause an FS file to be written at run-time.

FS Command List:


$alternate_cover Specify an Alternate Cover Sheet
$alternate_phone Specify an Alternate Telephone Number
$apply_gct Specify GCT annotations for each page of outbound fax
$attempt_record Provide a Record of each Transmission Attempt
$convert_options Control Document Converter Options
$delete_option Set Delete Options for Completed Attempts
$dns_fileOverride User-Specific Do-not-send file look-up
$email_address Specify E-Mail Address
$email_alt_address Specify Alternate E-Mail Address
$email_altbody Specify E-Mail Alternate Body Text File
$email_alttext Specify E-Mail Alternate Body Text Line
$email_attach Specify E-Mail Attachment File
$email_body Specify E-Mail Body Text File
$email_charset Specify E-Mail Character Set
$email_dkim_keyfile Specify File containing DKIM Signing Key
$email_encrypt_keyfileSpecify File(s) containing S/MIME Encryption Key
$email_esender Specify E-Mail Envelope Sender
$email_from Specify E-Mail From: Address
$email_header Specify E-Mail Custom Header
$email_options Specify E-Mail Options
$email_retry_delays Specify Retry Delays for E-Mail
$email_retry_max Specify Max Retries for E-Mail
$email_sign_keyfileSpecify File(s) containing S/MIME Signing Key
$email_subject Specify E-Mail Subject Header
$email_text Specify E-Mail Body Text Line
$fax_attempt Record the Number of Fax Attempts
$fax_callerid Record Caller ID
$fax_callerpn Record Caller Phone Number
$fax_callno Record Incoming Call Number
$fax_cover Specify Cover Sheet Template File
$fax_csid Specify Fax Calling Station ID
$fax_did Record Direct Inward Dial Number
$fax_filename Specify Fax Filename and Parameters
$fax_header Specify Fax Header Text for Top Line of Fax
$fax_next_date Set Date for Next Attempt
$fax_next_time Set Time for Next Attempt
$fax_origin Origin of Fax Send Request
$fax_pages Set Total Pages in Fax
$fax_phone Specify Fax Phone Number
$fax_post-process Specify Fax Post-processing
$fax_pre-process Specify Fax Pre-processing
$fax_rcv_line Record Fax Line Used (Receive)
$fax_receiver Specify Fax Receiver Name (Routing)
$fax_request_date Record Date of Fax Request
$fax_request_time Record Time of Fax Request
$fax_retry Override Fax Retry Parameters
$fax_send_date Specify Date of Fax Send
$fax_send_line Specify Fax Line to be Used (Transmit)
$fax_send_time Specify Time of Fax Send
$fax_sender Record Fax Sender (Name)
$fax_status1 Control Outbound Fax Processing Status-1
$fax_status2 Record Fax Result Status-2
$fax_tosend Record Fax TOSEND Directory Number
$fax_user Specify Fax User Profile to be used
$job_id Specify Job Identifier
$job_item Specify Item in Job
$job_owner Specify Job Owner Name
$next_vargroupSpecify Variable Group for Next Attempt
$pdf_secure Specify PDF Security settings
$pdf_sign_keyfile Specify PDF Signing settings
$poll_phone Specify Phone number for Polled Collection
$retry_cover Specify Cover Sheet for Partial Retry
$retry_delays Specify Delays and Processing for Retries
$retry_linegroup Specify Line Group for Retries
$retry_max Specify maximum number of retries (in all classes)
$retry_partial Specify Partial Retry Options
$retry_tosend Specify TOSEND Directory for Retries
$sms_bodySpecify SMS message text file
$sms_phoneSpecify SMS phone number
$sms_textSpecify SMS message text
$var_def Record Variable Definition and Value
$voice_phone Specify Phone Number for Voice Broadcast
$worker_box Schedule Maintenance Operation