Fax File Print Utility

FAXPRINT [-install|-remove|filename ...]

This program prints fax files. You can pass it either a .TIF or .1 file, which will cause the complete document to be printed on the default printer; or an MCF or FS file, in which case the fax files referenced in the MCF or FS file will be printed. If the MCF contains a print option command showing an FFEXTERN print queue, or the FS file contains a post-process for an FFEXTERN print queue, then that print queue will be used. If no print queue is available, the system default printer will be used.

FAXPRINT does not update the MCF 'printed' status. It can be used either before or after the MCF is printed by FFEXTERN and has no effect on the FFEXTERN process.

When run with a command line argument of -install or -remove, the FAXPRINT program installs or uninstalls itself on the Explorer right-click 'Send To' menu. This allows you to print faxes simply by right-clicking a file of the appropriate type in Explorer and sending it to FAXPRINT.

If the file is not a fax file nor an MCF or FS file, no action takes place, but an error is reported in FFTRACE if running and enabled for the FAXPRINT application.