Fax File Test Utility

FAXABLE [-r] [-e] [-l] [-n] [-x] filename

The FAXABLE program tests a fax file to determine if it is likely to be faxable. It uses similar criteria to those used in FFVIEWER, and does not take into account differences between fax board capabilities.

The program returns a non-zero errorlevel if it determines that the file is unlikely to be faxable. It also outputs an error message describing the problem, which can of course be ignored if the program is running unattended.

The command-line switches are used as follows:

-rcauses the checking to be relaxed so that files which have width between 1600 and 1727 inclusive, or which have multiple encoded strips, or which use LZW or PackBits compression are deemed to be faxable if all the other checked conditions are met.  Such files will be converted on-the-fly in the CopiaFacts engine to faxable format prior to transmission of the fax.
-etreat an empty page (tags, but no scan lines) as a valid file if there are preceding pages.  Some boards may reject such a file, but FFVIEWER will open the good pages with a warning that the file may be incomplete.
-ltreats landscape images with height 1728 as faxable if other' conditions are met.
-ntreats images wider than 1728 as non-faxable (unless -l is also present and the image is landscape with height 1728).
-xcauses non-faxable files (in either default or relaxed mode) to be copied to a file with extension .xif in the same path as the original file.  The .xif file can then be named on a $fax_filename command and will be converted using the Document Converter feature if FFEXTERN and $convert_types are configured to handle this format.


FAXABLE @FFBASE\temp\myfile.tif >nul

IF errorlevel ...