Since 1989, Copia's FaxFacts fax software has set the standard for performance, reliability, and innovation. Easily installed and configured, FaxFacts provides automatic printing and routing for inbound faxes, load balancing, customized graphical cover sheets, extensive reporting capabilities, job administration, and the fastest fax broadcasting capabilities in the industry all from your Windows desktop.

Fax should still remain an important part of your communications strategy, providing secure and reliable transport of important documents such as medical and legal documents.  FaxFacts provides a  system that allows you to fax directly from your Windows desktop as easily as you can print. You also want the system to handle busy fax numbers and have extensive retries automatically so you can move on to your next task, confident that your fax will be delivered.

There are many options for fax servers, but most lack the features that really make a fax server worth its weight in gold. If you want to integrate your fax operations with the rest of your business, you need a fax server that goes the distance. In addition to "just sending and receiving faxes", here are a few things that a FaxFacts system is designed to handle:

Route faxes into ANY e-mail inbox, with conversion to PDF, TIF or a custom formatted e-mail.

Fax Broadcasting

Mail Merge to Fax

Inbound Fax Routing


Load Balancing between Unlimited number of Servers

Intelligent fax retry, including the ability to only resend pages that failed

SMTP E-Mail to Fax Engine - fax from any e-mail account

Fax Client utilizing existing contact manager/CRM address books - from popular packages like GoldMine, ACT and SalesLogix

Enterprise solutions call for enterprise class platforms

FaxFacts supports high-end fax and voice boards from Dialogic (Dialogic JCT boards, Brooktrout and Diva Server boards) and Commetrex, as well as Fax over IP (FoIP) solutions from Commetrex (BladeWare) and Dialogic.  FaxFacts also supports fax modems and fax modem boards.  For a full list of supported products, see the Hardware topic.

With FaxFacts scalable architecture you can start with as few as one phone line or port and add a virtually unlimited number, so you will never outgrow your system.

API Flexibility

The FaxFacts Fax Server is an open system that is completely expandable and designed for customization. Customizing your FaxFacts Fax Server is easy because of the CopiaFacts Application Programming Interface (API). The simple, file-based API opens the door to integration with mainframes, Linux and Apple hardware