This sample application is designed to allow a caller to add a fax number to a do-not-send index file.  It includes a utility program, OPTCONFIG, to assist with configuring it.

It is assumed that a telephone number or numbers have been allocated for voice callers to use to submit opt-out fax numbers.  The telephone number to call will normally have been shown in the header of the faxes transmitted, along with an optional code number to select a specific DNS file when multiple DNS files are in use for different bureau clients.  The opt-out guidelines for the USA are specified at this FCC link.

This sample script can be customized either for directly updating the system do-not-send file DNS.NDX, or for updating user-specific do-not-send files (named using a code number shown on the fax).  All NDX files are assumed to be in the FAXFACTS\LOG folder.

The infobox files for this sample application are in the SAMPLES\OPTOUT folder under the FAXFACTS folder.  There is also a simpler DNSADD application in a subfolder of the SAMPLES folder and is documented in a README file there.  DNSADD as supplied is suitable only for USA fax telephone numbers.

The following topics describe this application in more detail:

 OPTCONFIG utility to set up the application

 Parameters needed in the OPTOUT user profile

 OPTOUT Infoboxes