CopiaFacts supports sending and receiving faxes on a variety of fax modems, including:

serial-port-connected external fax modems

built-in serial-port fax modems

USB connected fax modems

multi-modem cards

In general, fax modems have fewer features and less manufacturer support than the dedicated fax cards that we recommend for important applications, but typically the lower cost may make them an attractive solution for specific tasks.

To configure your system for fax modems, you need to specify the COM port for each line in the CFHWL configurator.  Then you need a $faxmodem command for each CopiaFacts line to specify modem settings.

The default $faxmodem settings have been found to work on a number of modems.  However you may wish to override the default choice of modem class and possibly the INIT string.  In general, the higher the Class number, the more chance there is of encountering a non-standard quirk in the AT command set of the modem.  We therefore recommend starting with Class1 and working upwards if the default settings do not work.

CopiaFacts uses WMI (Windows Management Information) to detect the available COM ports and validate the configuration settings.  You can use the SHOWCOMPORT utility to display the available ports and settings.

For guidance on setting up for a specific modem, please contact Copia support.

See also the Fax Header Lines topic.