When FFVIEWER has been started from the CopiaFacts Client (FFCLIENT) this dialog is disabled and the taskbar button instead passes the viewed document to be transmitted under the control of FFCLIENT.

The Fax/E-Mail Send button shares space on the toolbar with the Move/Copy button..  To toggle between them, click the right mouse button on the toolbar button.

The Dialog is used to initiate a request to send a fax or e-mail.

You may either select a recipient and fax phone number / e-mail address from the current recipient list, or you may enter them 'manually'. To use the list, click the arrow to the right of the recipient entry field. If there is no current list, there will be no arrow.

You can append faxes from your image catalog, by entering the infobox references, separated by either blanks or commas, in the "with documents" box. The user profile you have defined in the Fax/E-Mail Send page of the settings dialog is used to find these documents from the infobox reference.

Check the "with cover" box to send add a cover sheet (or e-mail body), and enter your cover sheet memo text if required.  To clear the memo box, right click in it, or set the option on the options page of the settings dialog which causes the memo to be cleared after each fax is sent. Note that your cover sheet template or e-mail body file MUST have @MEMOn variables in sufficient number to allow for the number of lines you will type in this cover sheet memo box.  Excess lines are silently ignored and will not appear in the output.

Check the "at time" box to defer the transmission to a later time.  The default value that appears is the one you last used, unless it is already later than that time today.  In this case, the time is stepped forward to the next fifteen-minute point.  The time set shows in red if you set it earlier than the current time, since this will cause the delay not to be effective. To delay to a subsequent day, set a $fax_send_date in the "other commands" section on the settings dialog. In the above tests, five minutes is added to the current time, to allow for the time you may spend writing the cover sheet memo before saving the request.

An alternate version of this dialog is presented when the 'Fax Reply' option is set. In this case the Fax Phone field will contain the TSI and/or ANI from the incoming fax (as available) so that a reply can be sent.  There is also an option to exclude the currently viewed fax from the transmission, in which case either a cover sheet or a fax filename must be supplied in the Send Fax options.

In this case, the ANI is obtained from an INBOUND_ANI variable which must be present in the MCF.  To generate this, define the same variable in the USR file which controls the fax receive operation, with a value of "@@ANI".  The "TSI:" or "ANI:" in this box is stripped, along with any other alphabetic characters, before the number is dialed, but the number may also require reformatting to allow successful dialing.  Numbers can also be entered manually in this field.

Short-cut Key:  F  (Fax/E-Mail Send).