Fax broadcast walk-through

1.  Create a document to fax

In your word-processing program, type a simple document:

Select your word-processing print dialog in the normal way, and then select the FaxFacts Fax Client printer and print the document:


2 .  Save the fax file from the FaxFacts Fax Client

In the fax client, select the Save As Fax button:

Enter the name of the file (TESTFAX in this example) in the Image ID box; the maximum filename size in the catalog is 15 characters. Then press the Save Image button:

The Client will return to the normal 'Send Fax / E-mail' screen.  You can minimize the Client at this stage.


3.  Prepare the broadcast

Launch FFBC using the FFBC Fax Broadcast icon on the screen or under CopiaFacts in the Start Menu.  Use the procedure described in the previous topic to:

Load the sample template file FFBCTEST.FST.

Load a broadcast list.

For this example, set the Fax Header to "To: @ROUTETO".

Uncheck Cover Sheet

At the Fax Document Filename box use the ...  button to select the fax to send.  Enter TESTFAX as your document name in the image # box, then press Find In Image Catalog, then Done.

Then enter your own fax number in the test fax number box:


4.  Test and launch the broadcast

In FFBC, first select a row on the List tab (the data from this row will be used for the test, but the test phone number will override the one from the list):

Then press the Test button.  This will display the preview page showing the generated FS file, which will also be submitted as a test fax.

Select the Log Messages tab to check that the file has been submitted:

You can make any changes to the Broadcast tab and press test as many times as needed. Also you can update the image and press test again.

Then click on the Go button to launch the broadcast. After the Launch you will see the following screen of Log Messages, showing a summary of the size of the broadcast and the time it took to launch:


5.  Save the broadcast settings

You should now select the FS Template tab and press the Save As button on the right to save the FS Template. Name this test template TESTFAX. The file will be called TESTFAX.FST. We suggest naming the template, image, and list all the same, so it is easy to tell all of the parts of a broadcast. In our example you might have testfax.TIF, testfax.FST, and testfax.XLS.

That completes the fax broadcast walk-through.  The next topic describes mail-merge to fax.