Error Codes and Messages

This section provides reference lists of:

COPIAFACTS Program Error Messages

Startup errors (0xxx)
Initialization errors (1xxxx)
Configuration errors (2xxx)
User Profile errors (3xxx)
Run-time errors (4xxx)
IIF errors (5xxx)
FS File errors (6xxx)
MBX/MCF errors (7xxx)

Application Support DLL Error Codes

Fax, Voice and E-Mail Error Codes

E-Mail Error Handling

JOBCL and Job Admin Error Codes

PIN Error Codes

Database Error Codes

Document Conversion Errors

Common Fax Print Driver Errors

In some cases the error message listed in this section will reference a 'Windows Error'.  You can use the provided utility WINERR to display the text corresponding to a Windows error number.  When an error message with a 'Windows Error' appears on the highlighted line in TRCVIEW, this error text will be shown on the status line at the foot of the window.

CopiaFacts Error Messages may also appear in the Windows Event log, in the Applications/CopiaFacts log.  If they display in the Windows Event Viewer showing only insertion strings, copy CFEVTMSG.DLL or CFEVTMSG64.DLL from the Program Files Copia folder to Windows\System32.