E-Mail is an key component in maintaining contact with your customers, and announcing your new products or features.  Copia E-MailFacts can ensure that e-mail broadcasts get out reliably and on-time without clogging up your current e-mail server.  Copia E-MailFacts integrates with FaxFacts and VoiceFacts and allows a common set of address books to be maintained for all your messaging needs.

E-MailFacts can also handle your e-mail to fax and fax to e-mail transactions. This allows for fax inbound routing to personal e-mail boxes. The CopiaFacts Client software also includes e-mail sending capabilities to give your employees a single, central messaging program.

Designed for large scale E-Mail Notification

E-MailFacts was designed with one thing in mind, high volume output of e-mail messages. The outbound SMTP E-Mail Server can send your e-mails without placing a burden on your general purpose e-mail server. Here are a few E-MailFacts highlights:

SMTP outbound e-mail server

E-Mail broadcasting engine

Integrates with CopiaFacts Job Administration

Fax to e-mail routing

E-Mail to fax routing

Mail Merge to e-mail

Capable of 1,000,000+ fully customized e-mails per hour per server

Full HTML/MHTML support

Do-not-send lists for e-mail addresses and domains

Unlimited variable substitutions to personalize messages

Clear error messages on failed addresses

Supports international character sets

Customized PDF attachments

Know if your address is bad before you send

E-MailFacts sends e-mail direct to the recipient mail server, not via your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  So the number of returned undeliverable messages is greatly reduced.  This eliminates the back-flow of bad e-mail address notifications which might otherwise slow your mail server down to a crawl after a large broadcast. When an e-mail address is no longer valid, our status program tells you in plain English and you are then able to sort out these undeliverable addresses.

Personalize your E-Mail

There are several ways to personalize the content of your e-mails. The first is through unlimited variable substitution. This allows you to set any number of variables in your e-mail message template (name, phone number, address, etc) and have them placed in your outgoing e-mail. This gives your e-mail the added zip to get it noticed.

The other way is through our mail merge to e-mail option. This is good for combining broadcasts with your FaxFacts system. You can deliver the same exact message, complete with formatting and personalization, to your clients whether they prefer e-mail or fax. The CopiaFacts engine sends your mail merged document off the exact same way.

Business-grade connection is required

Since E-MailFacts deals with outbound e-mail, a business level Internet connection is required. This means that you must have a large upstream bandwidth that can handle sending many e-mails simultaneously. This usually means a SDSL, T1, DS3 or higher connection. Cable modems, ADSL and dial-up modems will most likely not have enough upstream bandwidth to keep up with the speed of the E-MailFacts program.