The ability to act as an E-Mail to Fax gateway was the principal purpose of the Copia SMTP Gateway, although many users have implemented other Gateway applications.

When used in this way, the usual implementation calls for fax numbers to be entered as the addressee name, for example  Validation would then be specified so that the gateway would accept incoming e-mails of this type only from authorized senders, and passwords can also be used in the e-mail. Typically you could put text for a fax header line in the e-mail subject, but this can be configured differently if you wish.

When combined with pre-processing and CopiaFacts Document Conversion, e-mail attachments such as PDF or Office documents will be automatically converted to faxable format and faxed to the destination specified in the e-mail address.

Full details of how to configure the Gateway using the Gateway Manager will be found in the Copia SMTP Gateway topics.

Using Scripting

You can specify that the e-mail subject and body text are passed through to CopiaFacts scripting in the generated FS file.  This allows you to examine these fields to extract custom parameters such as priority and resolution of the fax to be sent.

The E-Mail body text can also be used on a fax cover sheet which precedes the documents included as e-mail attachments.