Document converter error outcome codes are now listed in the Fax, Voice and E-Mail Error Codes topic.

When CVSINGLE is run stand-alone, it may return a negative error-level value from -1 to -99.  These values now appear as outcome codes 601 to 699.  For example outcome code 621 is the equivalent of -21 returned as the program exit code.

Normally there is no advantage in retrying these errors, but those outcome codes marked with an asterisk can be set to be retried by providing a custom SMR file using $retry_parms.

Earlier builds of FFEXTERN / CVSINGLE set outcome 83 for many of the errors listed. Some of the other negative conversion error codes have also been re-mapped to outcome codes as follows:

 -100 (now 600) No pages converted

 -101 (now 633) Invalid CVSINGLE command line

 -102 (now 634) CVSINGLE found already running

 -113 (eliminated) Exception during conversion setup

 -116 (now 629) Version mismatch, FFEXTERN and CVSINGLE

 -118 (eliminated) TEMP folder invalid or missing

 -119 (now 612) Move of converted file from temp folder failed

 -120 (now 630) Timeout while executing CVSINGLE

 -121 (now 631) Failed to terminate CVSINGLE

 -122 (now 632) Unable to monitor CVSINGLE process

FFEXTERN can also generate some of the error outcome codes shown at the above link, including some outside the 601..699 range:

   81  Z  Document Converter failed to find user profile

   83* Z  Document Converter unspecified error

   85  Z  Error on temporary HTML file

   86* Z  unspecified preprocessing error

   88* Z  cannot write temporary merge data source (.DFS) file

  129* Z  Document Converter source file has future date

  138  Z  Error with multiple WordMerge operations DO NOT RETRY