The dBASE file DNA.NDX is an alphanumeric dBASE index file that lists any caller numbers that you wish to blacklist so that the system never answers a call from that number. This feature is only available when Caller ID (ANI) information is available before the call is answered and you are using hardware or ports which can provide this.

The file must be placed in the FAXFACTS\LOG folder and will be used if found there.

The file can be created using:


The entries in this file are either complete telephone numbers or one of the special codes 'O', 'P' or 'X'. Entering 'O' excludes out-of-area numbers for which caller information is not available. 'P' excludes private numbers for which caller data has been withheld. 'X' excludes all numbers if caller data is not supported from the line.  For example:


The file can be maintained using PIN.  To add and delete individual numbers and add lists:

PIN DNA A 6307788898

PIN DNA D 6307788898

PIN DNA F blocklist.txt

Entries could also be added and deleted using the basic functions of DNSUPD.  To use DNSUPD, to add and delete numbers, note that the sequence of parameters on the command line is different:

DNSUPD 6307788898 DNA.NDX

DNSUPD -6307788898 DNA.NDX

DNSUPD LST=blocklist.txt DNA.NDX

If and when the call is answered, the caller phone number data is made available in a system variable @ANI (automatic number information).

The Normalization setting is not used in accessing the DNA file: enter the numbers in this file in the format in which numbers are presented by your telephony provider.

Default: all incoming calls are accepted.