The following functions provide low-level access to the properties and variables in the user job properties file.  Please use them with extreme caution, and only if no other API is available to perform the task.  Support for applications which involve any direct access to properties in a .UJP file would normally be excluded by Copia from the support and maintenance arrangements which you have set up for CopiaFacts.


DeleteCommandsDelete all instances of a specified $ command
AddCommandAdd a single $ command
GetCommandGet an instance of the specified $ command
GetPropertyGet the parameter(s) from the specified $ command instance


DeleteAllVariablesDelete all $var_def commands
AddVariableAdd a $var_def command
SetBroadcastTypeSet the type of the broadcast
GetVariableValueGet the value of a specified variable
GetFastVarValueGet the value of a specified variable in open UJP

All the functions except the last will open the UJP, perform the function, and then close the UJP.  For functions which update the file, an ACTIVE file is used to prevent concurrent updates. The file is locked also locked against writing by another process during the brief time that is is being read or written.

Job Status

For all these commands, the job status must indicate that the job has not yet been launched (status value less than 30).