Delete all $var_def commands

Inputs:  Parm1 = UJP pathname

Returns:  0 = success
         -1 = cannot lock UJP
         -2 = cannot open UJP
         -3 = cannot read UJP
         -4 = cannot write UJP
         -5 = UJP is an active job instance

This function deletes all instances of $var_def commands in the UJP.  It is not an error if no such commands are present.

The function also deletes all instances of $fs_template $var_def commands.

To delete a specific named variable, you can either use the AddVariable function to give it an empty value, or use the DeleteCommands function.


strcopy(parm1, "@FFJOBS\\00001234\\00000123\\JOBTYPE.UJP");

res = JobDllEntry("DeleteAllVariables", parm1, parm2, 0);