The following terms are used in connection with Smart Retry:

Outcome CodeThe outcome of a fax, e-mail, voice or SMS attempt, typically represented by a status code returned from the hardware interface. Each phone-call attempt has a "dialing outcome" and a "transmission outcome". Transmission of the fax, or processing the voice script, is only attempted if the outcome of the dialing is successful. One-call fax transmissions of course have no dialing outcome, and cannot be retried at all because there is no telephone number to re-dial.  This value is normally zero for a successful outcome.  The value is shown in a daily log column headed 'FAXSTAT' and us saved in a $fax_status2 command.
Outcome Class Each possible outcome is assigned a class letter from A to H or J to O to indicate that it is a candidate for retry, or the special class letters I for ignore, S for success and Z for failure. The default outcome classes are held internally within the COPIAFACTS program, but a matching external file is provided which can be modified by the System Administrator.  The CopiaFacts Configuration File $retry_parms command specifies whether an override file is to be used.
Retry Delays A set of delay specifications used to specify the delay between attempts for a retry class. These delays are normally specified in the CopiaFacts User Profile (.USR) file. For example you could specify that Outcome Class B is to be retried three times at five-minute intervals.
Partial Retry A fax retry attempt in which the pages sent successfully in previous attempts are skipped. You can specify whether partial retries are to be used or not, and whether they should only be used if a certain proportion of the fax has already been sent. This is specified in the CopiaFacts User Profile. It is also possible to specify a special cover sheet to be sent ahead of a partial retry, since the original cover sheet, being the first page transmitted, will never be re-sent in a partial retry.
Full Retry A fax retry attempt in which all the pages are re-scheduled for transmission. You can specify that this will always be done if a given time has elapsed since the last retry.
Immediate Retry A phone retry attempt on the same line and with the same transmission list of documents. The line is held out of use until the delay time (usually only a few seconds) has expired. This processing can only be done on hardware where the dialing and fax transmission are done in separate steps.
Deferred Retry A retry for which the transmission is rescheduled by placing the FS file back in the TOSEND directory. On a heavily loaded system, this may result in the delay period being longer than you have specified. You can also specify that retries are to be placed in a different TOSEND directory, or that changes are to be made to the transmission settings, such as baud rate.