This DC component is a DLL which is called from the CopiaFacts engine, principally to add graphical customization to TIF documents for fax cover sheets.  However it also has a number of other image capabilities such as:

converting TIF documents to JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF formats

cropping and extending faxable TIF files

converting 'nearly faxable' TIF files to faxable format

concatenating TIF documents, for example for the Job Admin SingleDoc option.

checking for blank TIF pages

rotating A5 and B5 pages

Converting to other image formats

The first of the above capabilities which is the main subject of this topic.  The additional processing occurs when an original document (for example DOC or PDF) has already been converted to TIF in CVSINGLE, perhaps for faxing as well as for e-mailing.

The conversion is initiated by the processing of an e-mail attachment in COPIAFACTS with a filename parameter indicating a TIF file and a content type of:

image/pngthe content is converted to one or more PNG files, with filenames extended by _01.PNG, _02.PNG etc.
image/gifthe content is converted to one or more GIF files, with filenames extended by _01.GIF, _02.GIF etc.
image/jpg, image/jpegthe content is converted to one or more JPG files, with filenames extended by _01.JPG, _02.JPF etc.
application/pdfthe content is converted to a single PDF file, with each page containing an image of the monochrome TIF page.

PDF output page size can be controlled by varying the case of the letters 'PDF' in the content-type.  The options are described in the topics $email_attach and GCSINGLE.  (The GCSINGLE utility is a command-line program which simply calls CF8GCOVER.DLL.)

For Office documents only, and when Office 2007 SP2 or later Office are installed, the PDFattach convert option can be used to save a PDF directly out of Office automation.  In this case CVSINGLE and/or FFEXTERN will place a PDF filename on the $email_attach command and so CF8GCOVER processing will not be initiated by COPIAFACTS.  Using the PDFattach convert option brings the advantages that the PDF e-mail attachment will be in color (if present in the original) and will usually be searchable (if the original contained text).

Making TIF files faxable

CF8GCOVER can also convert 'nearly-faxable' files to faxable format.  These are files which have valid dimensions but which have either non-fax compression or multiple image strips; or which have an image width of between 1600 and 1727 pixels (these files are extended on the right) or between 1729 and 1772 pixels (these files are cropped on the right).

Rotating small pages

Adobe PDF conversions via the printer driver normally place A5 and B5 landscape pages vertically on an 1728-width fax page.  This function is initiated from CVSINGLE when this condition is detected, and extracts and rotates A5 and B5 images to place them on a half-height A4 or B4 page respectively.  PDFs converted using the QPDF option do not require this correction.