Custom PreProcess and PostProcess

The FFEXTERN program can also run a program written by you, to which it passes the name of the FS file as the single command-line parameter. If your program does not need to modify the FS file, it can return an exit code to control the disposition of the FS file as follows:

0 File moved to TOSEND
1..15 File moved to TOSEND1..TOSEND15
100 File moved to SENT
666 File moved to FAIL

If you wish to modify the FS file, you should check the option box on the Custom Process setup screen to indicate that your program will write out the file. When you do this, it is very important that you also do the following:

Either delete the $fax_pre-process or $fax_post-process command, or replace the parameter FFEXTERN with DONE_FFEXTERN.

Delete the FS file from the PREPROC folder.

Write the FS file to the appropriate new folder.

Note that while your process is running, FFEXTERN will have placed a lock file in the ACTIVE directory to prevent other CopiaFacts programs from accessing the FS file. You will therefore not need to take any special precautions with regard to file-sharing while you read and write the FS file.