There are several ways you can configure and customize the Smart Retry settings:

You can modify (and save with a new name) the supplied CF8.SMR file which specifies to which class each outcome is assigned, along with other actions needed for specific error codes. Most users will not need to do this. The custom file is only used when you name it on a $retry_parms command in your configuration file. The CF8.SMR file is an ASCII file which can be modified using an editor such as Notepad. Please see the notes at the top of the file for details of the changes you can make. We strongly recommend that you save your customized file with a name other than CF8.SMR. You should check from time to time that updates to the CF8.SMR file are incorporated in your custom file, if appropriate.  For example, to set special retry processing for specific codes 8718 and 8719 (and not all of outcome class F, to which they are assigned) you could re-assign these to outcome class J ('user defined') as follows:

oOpen CF8.SMR in Notepad or COPIAEDIT

oOn the lines for outcome codes 8718 and 8719 (or whatever codes you want to handle specially) change the outcome class (F) to J.

oScroll up and add a description in the section near the top with the heading "Outcome class letter descriptions for phone numbers". On the line starting "0, 0, J," change "User Defined" to for example "Special Retry".  Be sure to change this in the phone number set (for this fax example), not the e-mail set of descriptions, there are two similar blocks.

oDo not Save the file.  Instead use Save AS and select a suitable filename such as SPECIAL.SMR and save in the FAXFACTS folder.

oIn FAXFACTS.CFG, add a command: $retry_parms * "@FFBASE\SPECIAL.SMR"

oRestart all COPIAFACTS engines.

Then you can set up whatever $retry_delays parameters you need, using outcome class letter J.  The other class letters K L M N O can also be set up as above for other cases.

You can supply $retry_delays and $email_retry_delays commands in your user profiles. This is the recommended way to customize retry delays. For example you could use the following sequence in your user profile:

$retry_delays A "3"        ; no ans: one retry after 3 mins

$retry_delays B "5 5 5 1H" ; busy: 3 tries, wait 1 hr, 1 more try

$retry_delays C "3"        ; other: try once more

$retry_delays D "10S 10S 10S 10S" ; no dial tone try 4 more times

$retry_delays E " "        ; immediate fail system errors

$retry_delays F "1 1"      ; two retries on transmission failure

$retry_delays H "3"        ; one retry on receiver hangup

$email_retry_delays A "1 1 1"  ; timeout

$email_retry_delays B "3"      ; mailbox error

$email_retry_delays C "1 1 1"  ; connection failure

$email_retry_delays D "1 1 1"  ; domain name error

$email_retry_delays E " "      ; immediate fail system errors

$email_retry_delays F "1 1 1"  ; other SMTP error

$email_retry_delays H " "      ; command rejected

You can place $retry... commands in each of the FS files you generate for a specific broadcast. This may be a useful technique for service bureaus not using the Job Admin feature when a customer has special requirements for a broadcast.

You can use the $retry_partial command to customize partial retry.