The Crop feature allows you to trim the top and bottom off a fax document  This feature can be used to crop the fax header from faxed-in documents.

The 'crop' checkboxes revealed by the crop button each enable a spin-edit control which can be edited directly or incremented or decremented with the arrow buttons or the up and down arrow keys. The value refers to fine-resolution scan lines (200 dpi), even for normal resolution files. You will probably find that the arrow keys are quickest at fine-adjusting the crop area because of their faster repeat rate.  Note that the up-arrow increments the crop scan line number and so moves the crop line downwards, and vice-versa. The validation of spin-edit boxes interlocks to prevent the crop areas from meeting, but it is sometimes possible to outwit this by entering stupid values. The result will be an invalid or empty output file.

The areas to be cropped are changed to inverse (white on black instead of black on white), and marked on the thumbnail picture of the image. A button allows applying the crop to all pages of the document.

Short-cut Key:  N (croppiNg).