Creating Graphical Customization Templates

FFVIEWER can be used to create graphical customization template files (.GCT and .GTT) for use with the CopiaFacts graphical customization feature (Graphical Cover Sheets).

You should first create and select a 'watermark' document with the fixed information for your cover sheet using any suitable Windows package, and print it with FFSAVE to a fax format.  Alternatively you can start with a faxed-in an image from CopiaFacts.

Load the image into FFVIEWER and add annotations containing text which can include CopiaFacts system and control variables for expansion.  For example "@ROUTETO" will expand to the name or extension of the recipient of the fax.  Using a multiple-line edit box you can also enter larger blocks of text containing variables which are defined in your FS file, normally those captured from the caller during a request, or looked up in external databases. Each of the annotation windows can contain up to 16kb of text, in fonts you select. Fonts and styles cannot currently be changed within a single annotation box. Check that each annotation box is large enough to contain the text when variables are expanded.  Documents may have multiple pages with annotations on each page, but this is only supported for multi-page TIFF files, not for separate .1 .2 .3 file sets.

DO NOT "APPLY" THESE ANNOTATIONS TO YOUR DOCUMENT IMAGE.  When your annotations look the way you want them, use the Save Wizard to save the annotation set as either a separate .GCT file or (embedded with the image) in a .GTT TIFF file.  The GCT file normally contains the name of the current fax file in the $watermark command, but the Save Wizard also presents an option to use the "@WATERMARK" variable as the filename, which allows the watermark background to be supplied later.

Before you can save a standalone GCT file referencing the 'current document' you must have a complete current document to associate it with.  This will not be the case if you have built the document from separate pages or resequenced pages - you must save the current document first as a multiple-page TIFF file.

When a set of annotations is to be applied to a document that is subsequently faxed in, it is possible that the faxed-in document will have more pages than are allowed for in the annotation set.  In this case there is an option in the Save Wizard which causes extra pages to be copied over into the customized fax, without annotation.

To edit a graphical cover sheet template, select and load the GCT or GTT file in FFVIEWER.  FFVIEWER will load both the image(s) and the annotation data.

Note that the machine used to create or edit the GCT/GTT file may not have the same installed fonts as the machine running the CopiaFacts engine which used to process the graphical customization at run-time.  You must check the font availability before using non-standard fonts for graphical customization.


Using an angled annotation in the corner of your fax can emphasize your message: