Create an owner folder and OWNER.UJP

Inputs:  Parm1 = folder name of owner to clone from
         Parm2 = new owner folder name [| owner name]
         Parm3 = 1 to retain $listfile entries from source

Outputs: Parm1 = full path to created OWNER.UJP

Returns: 0 = success
         -1 = clone source does not exist
         -2 = folder already exists
         -3 = unable to create folder
         -4 = cannot write UJP file
         -5 = cannot read clone source

This function creates an owner folder and an OWNER.UJP file which is cloned from the passed owner properties. If the vertical bar character and the owner name are not supplied, the folder name will be used for the owner name.

All properties of the original owner will be retained, except for the following:

$ownerwill be replaced by the passed owner folder name
$owner_namewill be replaced by the passed owner name
$listfilewill be deleted unless parm3 has a value other than 1