Create a Jobtype folder and JOBTYPE.UJP

Inputs:  Parm1 = owner folder name
         Parm2 = new jobtype folder name [| jobtype name]

Outputs: Parm1 = full path to created JOBTYPE.UJP

Returns:  0 = success
         -1 = owner does not exist
         -2 = folder already exists
         -3 = unable to create folder
         -4 = cannot write UJP file
         -5 = cannot lock owner file
         -6 = jobtypes not permitted for this system
         -7 = jobtypes not permitted for this owner

This function creates a jobtype folder and an 'empty' JOBTYPE.UJP file. If the vertical bar character and the jobtype name are not supplied, the folder name will be used for the jobtype name.

The created JOBTYPE.UJP will contain only the commands $job_type and $jobtype_name.