Remote Technical Support Server


This utility program extracts to a temporary folder, and then runs, a custom VNC server which allows your machine to be viewed and operated by Copia Technical support personnel.  It is not necessary to install a full VNC server on your machine, and no firewall changes are normally needed unless all outbound connections from your machine are controlled.

Because the Copia support addresses are embedded in the program, it can only be used to connect Copia support staff to your system.  However it sometimes happens that a Copia IP address will change and if so, you may be asked to download a new version of COPIATECH.  The download links are:  This may provide a better result on Windows 10.

Note that all links are case-sensitive.  These files may also be downloaded by logging in anonymously to where they can be found in the root folder.

You should contact Copia support before running this program, to ensure that the selected support person is available and is running a VNC Client in 'listen' mode to accept the connection from your machine. Then double-click to connect to the selected remote VNC client.

When you start the program on Windows Vista, Server 2008 or above it will prompt for elevation and the remote support session will run elevated.

After the connection is terminated and the tray icon is closed, your computer will no longer be controllable externally by this method.