The CopiaFacts status is displayed by the COPIAFACTS.EXE program. This displays a number of dialog pages which provide the following features:

control by either mouse or keyboard

on-the-fly setting of all error and trace options

a scrollback buffer to recall earlier displayed trace and error messages

The display uses separate tabbed "pages" for different aspects of the program. These pages are used as follows:

Summary: This center part of this screen layout shows the status of each line.  You can now expand the window width and height and the grid will automatically be reconfigured to fit the space available. You can also adjust the individual column widths in the first of the sets of four columns: the width changes will be replicated in all column sets that fit in the width available.
  The top part of the screen shows a set of summary data. The column widths in this area can also be adjusted, so that on a node which processes certain types of operation only, you can collapse the columns for items which are not relevant.  The column header colors in this area are those used by default for operations of the corresponding type in the line-activity area.
  In the line activity area, left-clicking a line cell will display additional information about the current or previous activity on the line. The content of the pop-up information box depends on the current line state. You can change the colors of the line status display for each line by means of the DISPLAY_COLOR system variable.
Trace: This display maximizes the area available to view scrolling messages by hiding the summary counters and the line status areas.
Scrollback: The scrollback buffer is not updated while you are viewing it, but will be updated if you switch to another page and back to the scrollback page. The scrollback size is currently fixed at about 250 lines.  On this page the same color-highlighting is used as in TRCVIEW, and as in that program, Windows error messages are displayed in full, in this case by hovering the mouse over the words Windows Error.  Click these words to copy the hint text to the clipboard.
Options: This page is used to set options and program arguments for current run. Changes are not saved for future sessions unless you press the "save" button.
Queues: allows setting and dynamically changing the times during which each TOSEND queue is active. You can also enable and disable each TOSEND queue. Changes affect the current node immediately and other nodes at the next quarter-hour point.
Line Schedules: allows setting and dynamically changing the times during which each line can perform specified operations.
FS Counts: displays a count of the FS files in each TOSEND queue. The display shows FS files which are available for immediate, delayed and deferred transmission. Counts include totals for queues which may currently be disabled.

In 'management mode' (see CopiaFacts Setup), only the Options, Queues, Line Schedules, and FS Counts pages are displayed.