The CopiaFacts Scripting API

The CopiaFacts scripting language is used to design custom fax-on-demand (FoD) and voice (IVR) applications. The language provides a rich set of commands and operators that allow you to control all aspects of the call. The scripting language also provides built-in support for xBase databases, execution of external programs with the ability to return results, and access to user-written DLLs. It also interfaces with two standard DLLs (CF8DATABASE and CF8SUPPORT) to provide additional database support using ADO and additional data manipulation and testing functions.

Scripting can also be used for special pre-processing and post-processing of outbound operations, and for post-processing of inbound faxes. This section provides an overview of scripting concepts. Each command mentioned is cross-referenced to more detailed documentation elsewhere in this manual.

CopiaFacts comes with a number of sample scripts in the DEMOIMG folder.  In addition, new and updated copies of these samples will be installed in FAXFACTS\SAMPLES\SCRIPTS.  These files can be copied to a working folder such as DEMOIMG or IMAGE, and customized as necessary.  Do not customize the copies in SAMPLES\SCRIPTS because they may be overwritten on the next reinstall or upgrade of CopiaFacts.

Details of CopiaFacts scripting features appear in the following sections:

Scripting Overview
Scripts: implemented in 'Infoboxes'
Dividing Scripts into Modules
Trapping CopiaFacts Processing States
Using Variables in Scripts
Encrypted Variables
Getting Variable Values from TouchTones
Referencing the Values of Variables
Repeating Script Statements
Generating a Fax or Email request
Other Script Tasks
Starting Processing of a Script
Testing and Debugging Scripts