Appendix M: CopiaFacts Version History

Important note: if you are using a build version which you cannot find listed anywhere in this appendix, you should upgrade.  The absence of a small number of build numbers from this appendix means that the build was quickly withdrawn and superseded.  Its change list will have been incorporated into that of the next build.

See the Release Notes for the principal 8.2 enhancements and changes.  Fixes and later changes in 8.2 are shown below, starting with the most recent.

Version 2019.02.04

CF8JOBADMModified the handling of multiple FS template $email_header commands for X-Mailer in the CreateInstance job function so that the hierarchy of multiple such commands is preserved.  This allows a keyword none to suppress earlier commands, instead of just suppressing the default command content.

Version 2019.01.12

CF8JOBADMFixed the handling of trailing blanks in list header row when the list was used for WordMerge

Version 2018.11.16

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue in some FEB1 broadcasts where an e-mail job item could incorrectly be launched into  PREPROC if an earlier fax item in the job required the conversion of a job document.

Version 2018.05.31

CF8JOBADM, FFBCAdded a feature to truncate any incoming broadcast-list variable (BCFx) which exceeds 8000 characters, to guard against the receipt of malformed broadcast list files.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could result in an exception if an FS file contained a $var_def which caused the line length limit to be exceeded.

Version 2017.10.01

COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which could cause delays in processing FS files in the highest-numbered configured TOSEND folder, when queue quotas were disabled.

Version 2017.09.19

COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which caused the $msmq_pri configuration command to be rejected.
CVSINGLEFixed a problem which could sometimes cause a failure to kill an Acrobat/Adobe Reader instance on termination if it had created multiple instances of itself during the conversion.

Version 2017.05.07

COPIAFACTSModified the retry on MSMQ read operations on FS files, so that the queue is closed and reopened before attempting a retry.

Version 2017.04.28

CF8JOBADMModified the validation of items in an FEB1 broadcast using the $job_options CheckDestination keyword. In addition to including 4 or more numeric digits, a destination other than a recognized e-mail address must now contain no alphabetic characters to be accepted as a phone number.

Version 2017.03.19

(multiple)Fixed a error which occurs when attempting to convert a TIF page consisting of only a single scan line from high resolution to normal resolution.
COPIAFACTSAdded a check to ensure that $apply_gct cannot be applied to a .GTT file.

Version 2017.03.12

COPIAFACTSAdded 81 to the list of outcome codes which can accept a different outcome class letter in a custom SMR file, to allow retry.

Version 2017.02.26

CF8JOBADMFixed a regression in build which could cause a launch to fail when list lines had fewer than the required number of column entries.

Version 2017.02.17

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which could cause some job actions to fail to find FS files in TOSEND1.
CF8JOBADMAdded a check to suppress $fax_filename commands for e-mail items, when launching an email-only job incorrectly specified as FEB1 broadcast type, and which included a fax-only $job_document.
CFGATEWAYFixed the extraction of non-ASCII e-mail "alias" values for the SMTP_FROM variable, which had retained their encoded format in the variable value.

Version 2017.01.07

DNSUPDAdded an error code number to the failure log message.
CF8JOBADMAdded a check to fail a job launch (-62) if a specified list column number for phone or e-mail exceeds the maximum column count on any row in the lists for the job.
CF8JOBADMChanged the launching of an individual job item so that the item is failed (128, invalid target) if the column number for the fax destination exceeds the number of columns on its list row.  Previously column 1 was used in these circumstances.
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where the error message was truncated on reporting a failure to detect encoding of a broadcast list.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where PRINTNOBOX was not used unless USETHISPRINTER had been specified to select a specific printer.

Version 2016.11.20

COPIAFACTSFixed a crash which could sometimes occur on pressing C at the console to display all current line states.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue where failed inbound fax calls were not correctly shown in the CALLMON statistics.
COPIAFACTSModified the pop-up window showing current and last-call information for a channel, so that it is autosized to its content.
FFVIEWERFixed a rare crash while loading the list of inbound faxes.
CF8TZDBBuilt with the IANA 2016h Timezone database.

Version 2016.10.11

CF8JOBADMAdded retries to the operation to update an instance UJP with a $jcf command during launch.
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where the TOSEND folder could be set incorrectly in a non-PreConvert job which required individual conversions.
COPIAFACTSModified the selection of the retry TOSEND folder for Document Converter errors to use the default $email_retry_priority when the next operation is to send an e-mail.
CVSINGLETweaked the close after a WordMerge conversion to avoid occasional timeouts.

Version 2016.09.26

COPIAFACTSAdded information to run-time error message 4082 to identify the incorrect infobox.
COPIAFACTSFixed a failure to detect run-time warning messages 1745, 2139 and 2140 as warnings, resulting in an unnecessary shutdown of CopiaFacts.
CF8SUPPORTAllowed either ConvertFile or FileConvert to access the same function in the application support library.
CF8JOBADMFixed a problem where some FS files for e-mail destinations in an FEB1-type broadcast were unnecessarily launched into PREPROC for pre-processing.
FFEXTERNChanged the ACTIVE file process to retry checking the file when a network failure occurs.

Version 2016.09.14

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which could cause an incorrect job priority based on job size to be selected.
FFVIEWERFixed a problem where the File/Save menu item used the compression and resolution last selected in the Save Wizard, not the file compression and resolution.
FFVIEWERFixed a problem where DataMatrix symbols could not be detected in some page positions on low-resolution pages.

Version 2016.08.20

CFMSGFixed a regression causing an error on installation.
CFCPImplemented action code 901 to install CFMSG manually.
CF8JOBADMFixed failure in job action code 105.
CF8SUPPORTFixed the confusion over the name of the ConvertFile support function, accidentally changed in build  This name now matches in the documentation, CF8SUPPORT and FFTESTAS.

Version 2016.08.09

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which prevented jobs being launched into a queue higher than TOSEND9 when launched other than from the JOBADMIN program.
COPIAINSTALLAdded the ability to download the latest installer via HTTP if secure access to check for all available updates is blocked by a firewall.

Version 2016.08.02

CVSINGLEAdded the ability to override the DPI setting for pixel coordinates in the internal HTML converter, and fixed an issue which could cause some TIF files to be created as B4 size instead of Letter size.
COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could cause an exception when a malformed and extremely long $email_address value was encountered.

Version 2016.07.21

COPIAFACTSFixed an issue which could cause TOSEND quotas sometimes to include more FS files than the quota specified.
COPIAFACTSFixed a regression in build 106 which rejected some valid syntax in $set_var.
SERCONFCorrected the provisioning of registry entries for FFEXTERN, which could cause a warning message about missing entries to appear when FFEXTERN was first run.
EMSETUPFixed a failure to load triggers set by GWMANAGER on the error-handling tab.
EMSETUPFixed the assignment of $email_notify which was set to 'TO' when there were multiple To: recipients

Version 2016.07.12

COPIAFACTSFixed a problem which might occasionally cause an exception in the CopiaFacts BladeWare interface.

Version 2016.07.06

COPIAFACTSFixed a problem where some call transfer features failed on XCAPI ports.
COPIAFACTSAdded a new variable PRINTNOBOX to suppress the printing of a header box by PRINTTTHISFILE.
COPIAFACTSThe long-time requirement that the $type command must be the first command in an IIF file is now being enforced. A run-time warning will result, but this will be a run-time error in CopiaFacts version 8.3.
COPIAFACTSAn attempt to execute multiple $chain commands in an infobox will cause a run-time warning, because this would cause a chain entry to be lost.  In CopiaFacts 8.3 this will be a run-time error.
FFVIEWERFixed an issue where a document containing annotations could not be saved as a GTT after replacing the watermark TIF.
FFVIEWER, F8GCOVERCorrected the right-justification and center attributes in an HTML annotation, where the last or only line in the annotation was not being aligned as specified.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue affecting a small number of embedded images where the src=cid: parameter might not be extracted correctly, causing the inline image file not to be saved.

Version 2016.06.08

CVSINGLEModified the closing of Adobe Reader to use the same technique required for Acrobat Reader DC on earlier versions of Adobe reader.  This resolves an occasional failure to close the program after conversion is completed.
CF8GCOVERFixed a problem in the handling of very large TIF files (with dozens or hundreds of pages) which could cause extended processing times of several minutes.
COPIAFACTSEnhanced the stack display in the critical error handler.
COPIAFACTSChanged the LOCAL_CSID variable to be a read/write variable (SRW) to enable a custom pre-process operation to set the CSID from a script for an outbound call.
DNSUPDAdded a manifest to prevent some Windows versions classifying the application as an installer and requiring elevation.
EMSETUPFixed a problem where the Send To Copia option was not saved in the INI file used to move settings to other machines.

Version 2016.05.31

COPIAFACTSCF8TE.DLL built with XCAPI 3.6 for TE Systems XCAPI ports.
(installers)CopiaServerInstall820102 includes support for downloading and running the TE-Systems installer.

Version 2016.05.23

FFEXTERNThe number and delay time of retries to open a user profile has been increased.
FFEXTERNThe FXXSMSCAN special process has been enhanced to allow multiple fax phone numbers to be extracted.
FFEXTERNThe variable CVT_PRECHECKPDF can now take a value ALLOW409 to allow some invalid PDFs to be escape rejection.

Version 2016.05.18

CVSINGLEFixed an issue where a PPTX landscape slide was truncated instead of being rotated.
(documentation)The download link to the PDF version of the reference manual has been corrected.

Version 2016.05.07

COPIAFACTSFixed a $set_var issue where invalid syntax when using value prefix characters could cause a crash.
COPIAFACTSFixed some documentation and infobox errors in the REPORTSEND.IIF sample file.
COPIAFACTSFixed some issues with $script_locn commands in CFG and USR files.  Removed the line parameter from the $script_locn configuration command.  The default script location always applies to all channels.
(multiple)Some SHA-256 digital signatures were not being timestamped correctly in build  This has been fixed.

Version 2016.04.26

COPIAFACTSFixed a regression which caused an assignment to NOTIFY_MESSAGE to be sent without the message text.
JOBADMINFixed two issues in the dialog for the Change Priority right-click menu item which could cause an incorrect folder to be used.
CF8GCOVERFixed a regression in build 94 which could result in a double-height image when applying annotations to a low-resolution original document.
CVSINGLEVerified operation with Libre Office  Some earlier 5.1 versions created incorrect output.
CVSINGLEFixed a problem where some image and HTML conversions could fail if the InterPDF option was specified for Office conversions.  This fix was incomplete in build
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue where an error was incorrectly detected if the message attachment parts were nested in two levels of multipart/mixed sections.

Version 2016.04.10

CFCPCorrected the action menu which was incorrectly offering Management Mode when the service was running elsewhere on the network.
CVSINGLEModified the function which ensures that the conversion application has properly terminated, to accommodate a feature in Adobe Reader DC which can require two instances of Acrord32.exe to be running to accomplish one conversion.
CVSINGLEIntroduced a new method of fixing Microsoft Word's addition of an unnecessary blank page at the end of each document during some Word Merge operations.
CVSINGLEFixed a problem in the internal HTML converter which could cause US Letter/Legal paper sizes to be formatted as a B4 fax.
DocumentationFixed an entry in the on-line help contents which caused a 404 error.
COPIAFACTSUpgraded CopiaFacts so that Brooktrout 6.2.10 drivers are needed to support Brooktrout 6.2 (which is the last version to support Windows XP/2003).  Brooktrout 6.7 is recommended for later OS versions.
COPIAFACTSFixed a failure to record the correct outcome code for certain fax-file preparation errors in the BladeWare and Faxmodem interfaces.
COPIAFACTSIn some cases of serious error where a channel is taken out of service, the actual outcome code was replaced by outcome 132.  This has been corrected.
COPIAFACTSFixed a problem in the Fax Modem interface where a specific combination of modem errors could cause all subsequent fax attempts on the channel to fail.  The channel is now taken out of service if there is no response from the modem in this case.
(multiple)Fixed a problem where with some types of Windows login account the FFTRACE registry settings could be loaded from HKLM instead of HKCU.
CFGATEWAYModified the parsing of recipient e-mail addresses so that some cases of doubtful RFC-compliance are now accepted as valid.

Version 2016.03.06

FFEXTERNFixed a problem which could cause the FFEXTERN process settings to be lost when a change to them was made in management mode, while FFEXTERN was running in service mode.
CVSINGLEModified the internal HTML converter so that un-escaped < characters are accepted in HTML text.
CFGATEWAYFixed an issue where text/plain content-type in attachments could cause the processing of a message to fail when certain combinations of options were selected.
CF8COVERFixed a regression in build which caused some internal conversions to create output TIF files with invalid resolution tags, which could not then be faxed.
CF8EMAILModified the RFC2231 change in so that it is only applied to a filename= header parameter, not to name= parameters. This avoids an issue sending e-mails to some mail services which were dropping the attachment name.

Version 2016.02.23

CF8EMAILFixed a problem where some name= header attributes lacked double-quotes around the filename.  At the same time the $email_options keyword rfc2231 is automatically enabled when a name= filename has no embedded spaces and is also too long to be accommodated in a standard header line length.
COPIAFACTSAdded an option, set by default, to cause the 'Flush Trace Buffer' to be enabled when the program is running as a service application.
FFVIEWER, CF8GCOVER Fully implemented support for superfine (204/391 or 200/400) and ultrafine (408/391 or 400/400) fax resolutions.  These resolutions were previously only partially supported and still cannot be used with some fax boards and ports.  FFVIEWER now supports conversion from ultrafine to superfine and annotations can be added in both resolutions.  Conversion to A4 or letter format PDFs and image formats (for thumbnails) is supported.  CF8INFOTIP and the TIFTAG utility have also been updated.
COPIAFACTSCorrected the validation of fax formats to allow 391 as a vertical resolution of a fax to be transmitted, in addition to 392, when the horizontal resolution is 408.
CVSINGLEEnhanced the control of document margins in the internal HTML converter, using a new margins keyword for QPDF_OPTIONS.

Version 2016.02.16

CF8JOBADMFixed an issue which could cause job launch to fail, given a specific combination of priority setting and other job parameters.
COPIAFACTSFixed a crash which could occur when assigning a very long text string to the TRACE_LINE or NOTIFY_MESSAGE system variables.

Version 2016.02.10

CFMSGFixed an intermittent problem on some machines which could cause the service to stop processing messages.
CFCPAdded the ability to install the Engine and Document Converter Services with domain login credentials. The minimum height of the dialog has also been reduced.
CVSINGLEEnhanced the internal HTML converter to reduce the number of operations performed on the image.
CVSINGLEAdded support for Libre Office 5.x.  We recommend using only 5.0 and not using the current ( release of Libre Office, which can render documents as completely black pages, both to physical printers and to CopiaFacts printer drivers.

Version 2016.02.03

FFVIEWER, CF8GCOVER Added a new annotation attribute, WrapChar, which will cause words to be broken between characters if they do not fit on a line of a multi-line annotation.  This change also adds code W for the $style command.
CF8EMAILFixed a regression in build in e-mail header encoding which could sometimes corrupt non-ASCII content.
CVSINGLEFixed some rendering and timeout issues with the internal HTML converter.

Version 2016.01.28

CVSINGLEfixed an error where some combinations of command-line options failed to create an output TIF file from a JPG, GIF or PNG file when called other than from FFEXTERN.
CF8SUPPORTFixed a long-standing issue where a few Application Support Functions ($fn:) documented as returning T or F to indicate success or failure could in some circumstances fail to assign an F value and even might assign a T value.  The documentation for error handling has also been clarified.
COPIAFACTSThe WRITE_COUNTERS variable has been changed so that it is actioned by assigning a value to it, not by referencing it.  The documentation has been corrected to remove the ambiguity.
COPIAFACTSThe FS_OBTYPE variable was failing to return a value.  This has been fixed and the documented return values have been updated.
JOBCONSCorrected the display so that it starts up showing the current  month.
FFVIEWERFixed an incorrect pop-up error when deleting all mail items in a mailbox.
FFVIEWERAdded an option to delete the associated MCF file when a directly loaded TIF is deleted.  The MCF is already deleted with the TIF if it has been used to locate the TIF.
CF8EMAILTwo new $email_options keywords, useTLS and reqTLS have been added to support TLS as a built-in option for normal outbound e-mail.
CF8EMAIL,EMDIRECT Fallback to SSL has now been dropped; when TLS fails and is required, the e-mail fails.
CF8EMAIL,EMDIRECT Trace messages were sometimes incorrectly reporting Certificate validation failures: this has been fixed.
CFGATEWAYExplicit TLS is now available as a built-in option for incoming E-Mail.  A new SMTP_OPTIONS value, and a new SMTP_USED_TLS Gateway variable, have been added.
COPIAFACTSNew built-in action codes have been added to override the TLS e-mail options for a specific e-mail address or domain.
COPIAFACTSAn new $email_security option has been added to enable the Implicit TLS feature in the Gateway.
JOBADMINAdded some missing options in the list of settable e-mail options, along with new options and charset parameters.
CF8EMAILModified the RFC2231 option so that it applies to name= e-mail header parameters as well as filename= parameters.
CF8EMAILA new parameter for $email_charset has been added to allow header encoding to be set independently of body encoding.
CF8EMAILModified the email header encoding process to better handle header-line folding in the presence of long header values and parameters. This corrects a problem where some e-mail clients could fail to process long words and encoded-words in header text.
DocumentationAdded a new Appendix O containing advice on countering spam blocking.
MultipleCopiaFacts executables, dynamic linked libraries (DLL), installers and uninstallers now have double code-signing (SHA-1 and SHA-256) to comply with Microsoft's new signing policies.

Version 2016.01.04

SERCONFFixed a problem which could cause EMSETUP or STARTCOPIA to be started more than once on closing the program.
FFEXTERNFixed an exception which could occur on startup with specific configuration combinations.
InstallersThe CopiaAdministratorInstall installer is no longer supplied.  To install only the administrator tools on the administrator's own machine, use the CopiaServerInstall820087 installer or later and select Administrator Tools Only from the first menu pulldown.
STARTCOPIAFixed the omission of FFEXTERN command-line parameters on an auto-start.
CFGATEWAYAdded an enhancement to accept multiple incoming messages using the same login session.  Some mailservers will use this technique to optimize the sending of several messages addressed to the same or different mailboxes at the same domain.
FFEXTERN,CF8EMAIL Added the ability to use the consolidation feature to send multiple e-mails to the same domain using a single login sesssion.
EMSETUPFixed a bug where the whole content of the 'Notification To' address field was placed on the $email_notify configuration command instead of only the first address.  This could result in an invalid address error if more than one notification address was specified.
DocumentationChanges in 2012 and earlier ( and earlier) have been removed from this appendix.
COPIACLIENTINSTALL Fixed a problem where the COPIA=auto command-line parameter was being treated as invalid.