Configuration Utility


This program is a simple utility which 'connects' a fax server (for example, a node running COPIAFACTS or FFEXTERN), to the Copia Application Data files such as queues, mailboxes, user profiles.

Close all CopiaFacts programs before changing to a different fileserver.

COPIACONNECT must be run from its installed location. To use COPIACONNECT, it is essential that you navigate (in Explorer or in Start/Run) to the COPIA share on the machine which you want to connect to, and run COPIACONNECT from that location. COPIACONNECT uses its own location to determine which machine you plan to connect to.

The program displays a message confirming that the 'connect' operation has succeeded, or explaining why it has failed.

For backup purposes, you can also 'connect' your fax server machines to a different fileserver with a COPIA share by running the COPIACONNECT program on each fax server from the alternate COPIA share.

COPIACONNECT is installed in the COPIA share either by the COPIASERVERINSTALLx.exe Server Installer, and checked by the other installers.