As administrator, you can choose whether to provide each user with a customized installation or simply allow them to install the Client software with the default settings.

Standard Client Install

Each user can download, or you can provide them with, a copy of the Client Install Manager CopiaClientInstall.exe.  This should not be confused with the individual version installer executables, named CopiaClientInstall820xxx.exe (xxx is the build number) which should only be run from the NETBIN folder in your main COPIA share.

For full instructions on the use of the Client Install Manager, see the topic Installation Notes - Client.

Customized Client Install

To customize the Client Installation, you should provide your users with a shortcut or command file to run Client Install Manager executable CopiaClientInstall.exe from the NETBIN folder of your COPIA Share.  This shortcut can then add command-line options, which will be passed to the actual installer CopiaClientInstall820xxx.exe when it is run from the Client Install Manager.  Some of these options apply only to the install manager.

The following options can be used:

COPIA=\\machine\COPIAinitiate automatic mode and connect to the specified server path, installing the print drivers only if they are supported and not already installed.
COPIA=AUTOinitiate automatic mode and set server path as the parent folder of the folder from which the executable is run, installing the print drivers only if they are supported and not already installed. This option is only supported if this parent folder is of the form \\machine\COPIA. The COPIACLIENTINSTALL executable must be in the NETBIN folder below this.
-nofaxdo not install client fax print driver
-forcefaxre-install the fax print driver when supported and when in automatic mode
-noownerdo not create owner folder set. This option only installs the CopiaFacts print drivers without creating the underlying owner structure known as the owner folder set. The owner folder set is necessary in order to send a fax using the CopiaFacts workstation client. You do not need to create the owner folder set if you will only be using the FFMerge print driver, which has a different user interface, on the workstation.
-noconnectdo not run COPIACONNECT.  This option may be used when you have already run COPIACONNECT at the workstation, either manually or as part of a previous setup. COPIACONNECT only needs to be run once at each workstation or when the fax server location has changed.
-nomergedo not install FFMerge print driver.
-notTSsuppress the warning that a normal client install on a server OS will not allow support for Terminal Services clients.
-forcemergere-install the FFMERGE print driver when supported and when in automatic mode
-owneronlyonly create owner folder set.  This option may be used to create the owner folder set without installing any print drivers.
-user=?This option presents an entry field to allow the login name (and therefore folder name) for a user to be specified.
-user=Name This option installs the Client with the specified name. If the login name contains spaces, enclose it in double quotes, e.g.: -user=”Steve Hersee”
/SILENT, /VERYSILENTInstructs CopiaClientInstall820xxx.exe to be silent or very silent. When silent, the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When very silent, this installation progress window is not displayed.
/NORESTARTPrevents CopiaClientInstall820xxx.exe from rebooting at the end of the installation, if needed.  In /VERYSILENT mode a needed reboot would otherwise be made without asking first.

Note that the named user must have suitable permissions to create the folder under FAXFACTS\USERJOBS and to write files into it.

The command line options must appear in lower case and must be separated by one or more spaces. The –nofax and –nomerge options may be used when you do not wish to install the CopiaFacts workstation and merge print drivers, respectively. You may wish to use this option when installing multiple users on the same machine. In this case you might install the print driver(s) first under an administrator account or an account that has been granted administrator privileges and install CopiaFacts users later without installing the print driver(s).

As with any installer, CopiaClientInstall must be run by a user who is a member of the administrators group and requires elevation (UAC) on Windows Vista and later.