Converting Office Documents via the Internal PDF Converter

Intermediate PDF File Option

From CopiaFacts release, the Document Converter has an option (InterPDF in $convert_options) to convert Office documents using an intermediate temporary PDF file.  The PDF is then converted to TIF using the internal PDF converter. The following considerations apply:

The Document Converter print driver is not required.  Note, however, that you may still require this print driver for other types of document, so the Document Converter still checks for it.  To suppress the checks that this driver is present, set the environment variable NO_CV_PRINT to a non-empty value, and avoid conversions which require the driver.

This option only works for Office 2010 or later and for Office 2007 SP2, which have the 'save as PDF' option.  For Office 2007, you may need to download the add-in which supports this feature from  The Document Converter does not check that this feature is installed in Office 2007.

Our testing has shown the use of this option to result in noticeably faster conversion than the use of the print driver.  However if you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, Microsoft Office may use this for the conversion, and some of the speed advantage is lost.

If you also use the pdfAttach keyword of $convert_options to convert e-mail attachments from Office document formats to PDF, the 'temporary' PDF file is retained for this purpose.