Occasionally you will drop a connection or the server will fail or other "unknown" errors will occur during processing. In these cases, the database provider may report an unknown error condition or a connection failure error. It may not be possible to recover from the error by retrying the operation. If not, you may continue to get connection failures on all subsequent database operations on the line. When the phone line is disconnected, a full reset is performed and the line should once again be ready for database operations.

If you do not wish to disconnect the call, you may force a reset on the active database resource for the line by using the following command:

$set_var DB_SELECT "RESET="

This forces the database resource to reset the connection, frees the resource, and restores it to its initial state so it is ready for the next command. Any record sets or procedure results associated with the resource are released and the query or procedure must be executed again to access procedure results or record sets.

You should rarely have to use the reset option. If you are experiencing a lot of connection failures, you need to determine the underlying problem and resolve it. Connections should be maintained for reasonable database access. You should try to determine the cause of any connection failures and resolve them. Use of the reset option should not be a common occurrence.