Confirm Fax Receipt to Sender

This application uses a Post-Receive Process to send a fax back to the sender confirming the receipt of an incoming fax.  The application consists of three files which will be found in FAXFACTS\SAMPLES\CSDIFWD.

CSIDFWD.IIFThe infobox that implements the fax confirmation by generating an FS file.   Move this to FAXFACTS\IMAGE.
CSIDFWD.GTTThe cover-sheet which is the single page sent back to the sender of the incoming fax.  Move this to the FAXFACTS folder.
CSIDFWD.USRThe user profile that sets the retry strategy for the transmission.  Move this to the folder where you keep your USR files, normally either FAXFACTS or FAXFACTS\USERPROF.  The correct folder will be defined by the $user_profiles command in your CFG file.

You can vary these folders by editing the IIF and USR file using COPIAEDIT.

To implement this application, move the files as detailed above, then add to the mailbox (MBX) file(s) which are to receive the incoming fax:

$post_receive CSIDFWD infobox

The heart of the application is the following infobox file (CSIDFWD.IIF) which creates an FS file to send a fax first to the number received as ANI, and if that fails to the number received as fax CSID.  The $retry_delays commands in the USR file ensure that if the first attempt fails, the second will use the alternate destination. The infobox file contains the following content:


$type FSFILE

$next_box s191 ; required: s191 = IIF_PROC_COMPLETE


; the following are FS file commands, now in the IIF


$set_var         CSID "@PR_FAXCSID"

$set_var         CSID $clean      ; remove punctuation from number


$fax_user        @@FFUSER\csidfwd.usr

$fax_phone       "@ANI"           ; change this line to @CSID if no callerID

$alternate_phone "@CSID"          ; used for alternate attempts

$fax_sender      "@PR_FAXCSID"    ; unmodified fax CSID of incoming fax

$fax_receiver    "CSIDFWD"

$fax_cover       @@FFBASE\CSIDFWD.GTT

$fax_status1     2

$fax_status2     0

$fax_origin      user_request

$var_def         MCF_CSID  "@PR_FAXCSID"   ; cover-sheet variables

$var_def         MCF_PAGES @PR_FAXPAGES

$var_def         MCF_NSF   "@PR_FAXNSF"

$var_def         MCF_DATE  "@DATE6"

$var_def         MCF_TIME  "@TIME1"

$var_def         MCF_NAME  "@PR_FAXFILE"

The USR file serves to implement a retry strategy where the fax phone and alternate phone are alternated:


; Special User profile for the CSIDFWD application


$script_locn  00000000 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @FFBASE\image

$fax_csid     "csidfwd @COPIA_SERIAL"

$var_def      data2 CSIDFWD


// These retry delays are set to use the alternate fax number (CSID)

// in case sending a fax to the primary number (ANI) fails.


$retry_delays A "1A"

$retry_delays B "1A 5 5A"

$retry_delays C "1A"

$retry_delays D "1A"

$retry_delays E "1A"

$retry_delays F "1A"

$retry_delays H "1A"

The GTT file contains a template for the fax to be sent: