Configuration File [CFG]

The main CopiaFacts configuration file records information about the telephone lines installed in your system and how they will be used. The file is kept in the CopiaFacts base directory and is normally named FAXFACTS.CFG. You may use a different file name with .CFG extension by naming it on the COPIAFACTS program command line. In a CopiaFacts system which is running on multiple networked machines, the configuration file contains information about all nodes. It should therefore be accessible to all the machines.

CFG Command List:


$action_emailLookup for special e-mail/domain actions
$action_phone Lookup for special phone number actions
$active_life Modify default active file lock time
$answer_timeout Specify answer timeouts for call placement
$ascii_font Set ASCII Font and Margin Options
$baud_max Set the Highest Transmission Speed to be Attempted
$baud_min Set the Lowest Transmission Speed Allowed
$bfv_parmSet Brooktrout Low-Level Parameters
$block_spansBlock ISDN telephony channels on exit
$callback Set Outbound Call Parameters
$company_name Set Company Name for Display and for Cover Sheets
$convert_types Specify Types of Files to be Preconverted to Fax Format
$country_prefix Specify Translation of '+' in Phone Number
$cpb_parm Set Dialogic Channel Low-Level Parameters
$dcb_parm Set Dialogic Board Low-Level Parameters
$default_profile Set the Default User Profile for the Line
$dial_limitSet Maximum Number of Simultaneous Dial Operations
$dial_toneSet Dialogic dial-tone overrides
$display_box Specify Custom Fields for Screen Display Boxes
$domain_limit Limit Concurrent Connections to a Specific Domain
$dnis_scan Specify Parsing of DNIS data
$dtg_parm Set Dialogic Telephony Low-Level Parameters
$dns_email [CFG] Specify pre-loaded Do-Not-Send file
$dns_phone [CFG]Specify pre-loaded Do-Not-Send file
$email_esender Set default Sender name
$email_fromSet default From name
$email_localname Specify E-Mail Local Name
$email_node_bindnamesSpecify E-Mail Local Names for multiple adapters
$email_node_localnamesSpecify E-Mail binding addresses for multiple adapters
$email_notifySpecify default e-mail address for system notifications
$email_retry_delays Specify E-Mail retry delays
$email_retry_max Specify Max E-Mail retries
$email_securitySpecify the use of e-mail signing or encryption
$email_settings Specify E-Mail Immediate Retry Settings
$environment Specify per-node Variables and Values
$exclude_channel Specify Hardware Channel to Exclude
$faxmodemSpecify Fax Modem parameters
$fix_channelsSpecify Permanent Linking of Fax/Voice and Telephony Channels
$global_tone Specify Tone Parameters for Global Tone Detection
$global_tone_parms Specify Tone Parameters for Dialogic Diva board
$hangup_tone Specify Tone Parameters for Hang-up Tone
$inbound_delaySpecify delay for active-active load balancing
$isdn_digits Specify Collection of Euro-ISDN DNIS Data
$kill_group Specify Outcome Code to shut down COPIAFACTS
$joblog_qnameSpecify MSMQ name for job log messages
$jobsum_qnameSpecify MSMQ name for writing job summary updates
$line_group Specify a Named Group of Lines
$line_priority Specify outbound line search sequence
$line_vargroupSpecify variable-group activation for a line
$load_dll Load User Dynamic Link Library
$load_ibc Pre-Load Infobox Collection File
$lock_tries Set Locking Parameters for Network Use
$log_def Specify Directory for Transaction Log File
$log_field Specify Custom Fields in the Log File
$log_options Set Options for the Log File
$log_queue Set Transaction Log Queue Parameters
$macro_char Set the special characters used to identify variables
$mail_profile Set the Mail User Profile for the Line
$map_drive Map Drive-Letters
$mcb_parmSet Dialogic PRI Board Make-Call Parameters
$monitor_listSpecify the internal name and file name for a monitor events list
$monitor_qnameSpecify MSMQ name for real-time status messages
$msmq_priDefine translation of TOSEND numbers to MSMQ priorities
$no_rings Set Number of Rings Before Answer
$notify_qname Specify MSMQ name for notification messages
$phone_mask Specify Phone Number formats for all Outbound Calls
$post_office Specify Directory for Fax Mail Boxes
$preproc_altqname Specify alternate MSMQ name to pass priority data to FFEXTERN
$preproc_qname Specify MSMQ name to pass priority data to FFEXTERN
$preproc_wmdcqnameSpecify MSMQ name to initiate bulk WordMerge
$repeat_msg Specify Repeats/Delays for Voice Prompts
$request_dir Specify the Directories for Outbound Fax Requests
$retry_delays Specify default retry delay parameters
$retry_linegroup Specify default line group for retries
$retry_max Specify maximum number of retries (in all classes)
$retry_page Specify individual fax page retry
$retry_parms Specify the Retry Parameters Filename
$retry_partial Specify default partial retry parameters
$retry_tosend Specify tosend directory for retries
$script_locnSpecify default script search locations
$scriptsSpecify default folder for scripts
$settle_time Specify the Line Settle Time
$shutdown_code Specify the Password for System Shutdown
$sip_registerSpecify Parameters for BladeWare SIP registration
$sms_serviceSpecify an SMS service internal name and interface DLL
$speed Set Playback Speed
$system_dlls Specify Required System DLLs
$title_line Set System Title for Display and for Cover Sheets
$tone_wait Set DTMF Timeout Period to Assume Touch-tone Entry is Complete
$tosend_setOverride default TOSEND folder set
$tts_dll Specify the Text-to-Speech DLL to be used
$unblock_spansUnblock ISDN telephony channels on startup
$unicodeSpecify Command-file and Text File encoding
$user_jobs Specify Directory for User/Job Folders
$user_profiles Specify Directory for User Profiles
$var_def Define a Variable and Set its Value
$voice_format Specify the Format of Voice Files
$voip Specify VoIP account parameters
$volume Set Playback Volume